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Sociological Research and Public Debate, Barcelona, septiembre 5-8 de 2008

First ISA Forum of Sociology
Research Committee on Sociology of Religion from the International Sociological Association
Sociological Research and Public Debate
Barcelona, Spain
September 5-8, 2008

Main theme
Religious Actors and Public Debates

Programme Coordinators

Roberto Blancarte
El Colegio de México

Olga Odgers
El Colegio de la Frontera Norte

Sessions proposed

Session 1: Secular States, Civil and Religious Freedoms
Organizer: Roberto Blancarte

Session 2: Migrants, Believers as New Socioreligious Actors
Organizer: Olga Odgers

Session 3: Ethnicity, Religiosity and Beliefs in Contemporary World
Organizer: Daniel Gutierrez

Session 4: Alternative Religious Movements and Public Space
Organizer: Daniel Gutiérrez Martínez

Session 5: Popular Religion and the New Media
Organizer: Adam Possamai

Session 6: Religious Conversion
Organizer: Esmeralda Sanchez

Session 7: Religious Publics, Social Capital and Diasporas
Organizer: Afe Adogame

Session 8: Transformation of Church-state relations in Europe
Organizer: Siniša Zrinščak,

Session 9: Islamism: The Rise of a New Enemy?
Organizer: Riaz Hassan

Session 10: Religious pluralism in the public debate and in the public area: similarities or tensions?
Organizer: Claude Proeschel

Session 11: Challenges of the public in old and new forms of popular religion
Organizer: Eloísa Martín

Session 12: Joint Session RC13 & RC22
Leisure, Religion and Spirituality
Organizer: Ishwar Modi

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Abstracts (no more than 300 words) with full correspondence address of the presenting author and institutional affiliation of all authors should be sent to Olga Odgers ( and Roberto Blancarte (, plus the convener of the session most likely to include the paper, no later than January 11, 2008.

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